Biddinghuizen JO22uk

Biddinghuizen is a village in Eastern Flevoland, in the Dutch province of Flevoland.

The core is one of the three villages of the municipality of Dronten and has 6138 inhabitants.

Biddinghuizen was founded in 1963. The village is named after a disappeared village of the same name, first mentioned as Bidningahusum in 790. On October 10, 1963, more than 50 years ago, the Heijmink family were the first residents to live in Biddinghuizen.
The heart of Biddinghuizen is formed by the ecclesiastical center De Voorhof, the site of the Protestant church and the RC Boniface parish. Opposite the church are several shops that provide for daily living. A stylized image of a kingfisher forms the logo of the Flevoland village.